Abandon the quest to make great wine. Your job is to craft wines which are the most crystalline expression of their place
and then let others decide if they feel your efforts are worthy - Jasper Morris MW

We seek, above all else, to craft electric wines of restraint and tension of a brooding nature. Only then can we uncover cool-climate elegance and site expression.

'If the sight hath been dimmed and wearied by intense poring upon anything, the beholding of this stone doth refresh and restore it again.' - Pliny the Elder

Recently graduating from a disused 1850s Woollen Mill Boiler Room, Brendan and Laura have established themselves in a hidden location at Gumeracha, quietly building a new boutique winery. Still respecting the traditional techniques proudly supported by the winemakers, the new winery is set to promise exciting gems from the Adelaide Hills!

  • Adelaide Hills Fruit

    Cool Climate, Pure in Expression. South Australia's newest and most exciting region!

  • Keeping Traditions Alive

    Revitalising old-school winemaking techniques.

  • Wines of Character

    Seeking to craft wines expressive of vineyard, region and winemaker.

  • Winemaking by Taste

    Wines crafted by taste, not by numbers. That's what matters!

  • Old Oak

    Allowing full expression of fruit. Embracing primary fruit!

  • Handcrafted

    Minimal machinery, most processes done by hand.

From Vineyard to Bottle, we look after our wines for your enjoyment. Through employing a philosophy that promotes taste and flavour above all else, we focus on making wines to be enjoyed with food and friends.


First and foremost, taste is the most important factor of our wines. We search for brightness and elegance above all else.


Showcasing our region, the Adelaide Hills, our winery and our passion in the wines that we produce.


Hand-crafting wines that express the cumulative effect of soil, climate and variety of each particular site.


Wines are to be enjoyed! Preferably with family, food and friends.


We source premium fruit from several growers throughout the Adelaide Hills, known specifically for growing certain varieties remarkably well.


By minimising additions to the wine, we focus on crafting rather than constructing wines. We seek to maximise the flavours and textures naturally occurring in the grapes.


We focus on utilising larger format, French oak vessels. This minimises the oak flavour and maximises the oak effect of taming wild wines. Wine is made from grapes, not wood!


Our wines see bottle a little earlier than most. This preserves primary-fruit flavour. We like that! We hope you do too!

Parade Cellars - Norwood, SA

New kids on the block! Very exciting times happening at this store. Tastings. Masterclasses. It has been known that it 'stocks more hits than Sisqo'. We agree! The most competitive prices around.

The Edinburgh Cellars - Mitcham, SA

An institution! One of the best bottle shops in Adelaide. Many a winemaking student has done a stint here. For some of the rarest wines, this is your place!

East End Cellars - Adelaide City, SA

You want niche? They'll give you niche...these guys know the faces and places of their wines like the back of their hand. Notorious for the most decadent tastings.

Belair Fine Wines - Belair, SA

Nowhere will you find a more supportive and energetic staff. These guys have made it their mission to support local winemakers. Worth a mention is their epic beer wall!

The Wine Emporium - Newstead, QLD

These guys are rocking the Queensland World of Wine by bringing top-end, world class and niche producers to the doorstep of each and every one of their customers.

What's more to say? We're just a young couple with a passion for crafting delicious wines that showcase one of the most exciting wine regions in the world! The Adelaide Hills.

The Artistic Winemaker

Often found clambering over old barrels, plunging ferments and fixing something in the winery...all whilst holding a wine glass and driving a forklift. Famous for a 'she'll-be-right' attitude, searching for ever-elusive terroir expression!

The Meticulous Winemaker

Frequently engaging in mass tasting sessions, to ensure that everything is 'just right'. Forever cleaning up after Brendan's mess and topping barrels. An electric little power packet, searching for a brooding tension in each wine she orchestrates.

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Gumeracha, South Australia